Why why why why?!

Why doing an ultra is fabulous …

This weekend I will attempt my 5th ultra marathon race.

This one is called the Beacons ultra. It is in the Brecon Beacons in South Wales. I am particularly excited about this one not least because my excellent friend Michael Scanlon is joining me. I have a bunch of mates who do crazy stuff who I love hanging out with but what characterises Michael particularly is he is unendingly positive even in the face of adversity and always ready with a quip or joke even when things get tough!

The other reason I am looking forward to this race is because it is going to be god damn beaaauutiful out there in the hills.

I am not going to lie it will be tough and I have had a really tough couple of weeks at work just now. Why take this on as well when it’s a voluntary self beasting? Well it is exactly because of that! Running an ultra is like a cleansing of the soul…you set out to do this ludicrous distance with god knows how much climbing (…1800m) You join a huge bunch of other like minded idiots to take on an utterly gruelling challenge…in this case 46 Miles of very mixed terrain.

We all set out to test our fitness, our planning, our pacing and our approach to nutrition for keeping up the energy. Above all though we test our mental strength. When we push on and drive through beyond the physical efforts and perceptible limits all we have is the will to keep going.

So on Saturday bright and early with a pack on my back and a smile on my face, an emergency blanket, a first aid set and loads of other kit.. I will look over my shoulder sneer at the corporate world and run towards the mountains.

Will I make it? Who knows but that’s kind of the point!