Low carb great easy meal options part 1

 It’s not all spiralised courgettes and Vorsprung Durch Technik you know.

There are lots of Low carb great easy meal options

Ok sometimes I spiralise stuff and do a mock pasta…this is spiralised (thinly sliced) courgettes with cheese and peas and spicy red pesto out of a jar . Took ten mins.

Although what you are used to might always have rice/pasta/potatoes or similar carbs on half or a third of the plate- you don’t need it and here is why….

If you put enough delicious fresh natural real food on your plate you will feel good and feel full.

My wife Emma would agree to this approach as for a long time as she was transitioning into lower carb eating she would often cook a small portion of carbs to go with the meat or fish and veg I was preparing. Once I had laid the tasty food out on the plate though she rarely ate the carbs, they just sat there on the side of the plate somehow less appealing than the fresh colourful remainder of the plate.

As I know you folks love pictures here are a heap of ideas from recent meals I have had over the last few months. Hopefully they will get your taste buds working and you can make a note to add a few things for that next weekly shop!


What we have here is a pan fried gammon steak with some houmous olives and veg. Gammon is a great cut of meat and very underused and great value. Nice and fatty too 

This is one of our go to meals. I love it, especially with a cheeky small bottle of beer. It is basically a fajita with a cabbage or iceberg lettuce leaf wrap. Ok granted it’s not quite as easy to wrap as a soft flour tortilla but it is easy enough and provided you don’t overfill (you greedy little squirrels) it works fine. I like mine with heaps of little extras, so whether you start with fried chicken thighs and spices or a bolognaise base make sure to have soured cream, guacamole, houmous, mature cheddar and jalapenos or Tabasco to hand!

 This is a typical lunch for me, as you can see I eat a fair amount but it’s all good crunchy stuff: Avocado, cucumber, apple, gerkins, goats cheese, pate (pork rillettes), coleslaw (home made from the night before) spinach, houmous.

Homemade prawn curry with veg and more veg alongside, kale and cherry toms! We eat curry at least twice a week with a side of veg a dollop of full fat greek yogurt and plenty of heat.


I love Frittata! Often without much in the house you can russle one up. I could not be easier or quicker. A few mange-tout left over, the odd cherry tomato a sprig of fresh rosemary from the garden, a few slices of italian salami from the bottom of the pack. Probably need 6 eggs, we always have loads of eggs and we buy slightly more expensive ones with nice dark yolks. Butter the dish, pour it in, In the oven for 10 mins, add some mature cheddar, it will fill you up and leave you smiling.

This was quite a fancy curry night but I am quite proud of the salad particularly, it had cucumber (peeled) mango, cashews, fennel and avocado. I made a dressing with chilli, a tiny bit of agave syrup and fresh lime juice.

The chicken thighs were oven-cooked with black onion seeds and garam masala and onions and stuff. I rarely use breast as I like the fattier cuts, I often oven cook having marinated as then it is cooking whilst we get the kids in bed and needs no supervision. Looks like we ate a little rice this night which is fairly rare but we are not completely strict if we fancy something. In reality we rarely fancy carbs because the real food seems more tasty and interesting and fills us up..

If you are still unsure about taking the low carb plunge and can’t seem to get your head around it then please get in touch for a chat. It really is easier than you think and will make a massive difference to how you feel.

I am after all 5 years into this and I have found it:

  1. Easy to stick to,
  2. Lost lots of weight
  3. ..and kept it off for years !

Find me another diet type with a success story where someone can say all of those 3 things I challenge you!

I’ll continue this blog soon with a few more food ideas…that’s all for now!