Low carb easy meal options 2

Hi Everyone

..and I am back with a few more pictures and recipes. This is in some ways more of the same type of meal as part 1… but here are some new ideas too and the main thing to remember is that there are still infinite options on what you can eat.

Low carb as a lifestyle makes you look good, and feel good. With lots of fresh veg and fish, meat herbs and seasoning there is no limit to your ideas and the creative meals you can make.

Rare roast beef with two greens and roasted root veg.


 This plate was Monday leftovers with some newly prepared veg dishes. Emma my wife made the cheesy cabbage (with cream cheddar butter and nutmeg) and I did some simple spring greens with butter salt and pepper. The roasted root veg were cooked the day before with the beef.

 Sandwiches without bread are possible

This Cos lettuce is supple and stands up to lots of fillings with pate, Parma ham, gherkins, cheese, houmous and avocado all thrown in.

I didn’t even make this dhansak curry it was a take out.

Spot the deliberate lack of rice though. Loads of veg side dishes and zero guilt!



Barbecued pork belly- you bet your ass it is! The fattier the better…what do I care I pay someone £50 to clean my BBQ at the end of the season! Some mixed veg on the hot plate cooked in olive oil. Tomatoes, mushrooms, courgettes, lots of fresh herbs from the bed next to the BBQ!

A typical lunch crunch crunch crunch

Yes those are quails eggs…don’t call me posh! 


Lashings of roast chicken houmous and avocado after the gym with a few hot peppers for some zing!


At the food fair the venison is always tempting but the cuts were so expensive all £25+ and not even that big. So I bought 4 shanks at around £3 each and did a pot roast. It turned out fantastic and in the interests of a hearty autumn meal and a ‘little life into living’ there are a few potatoes in there!

I hope that gives you a little inspiration in some way.

I’ll sign out for now. Stay strong ditch the sugar….eat real!