Dirty food is everywhere

Dirty food is everywhere

What chance do we have. 

Dirty food is everywhere!

Almost all convenience food available on the go is incredibly unhealthy. I sit today on a train and over the tannoy they offer pastries and cookies for a pound with any hot drink. I walk past Costa / Starbucks / Nero every single one – sugar based, chocolate covered sweets and treats, with no nutrient value. Oh go on then why not I didn’t have time to get breakfast as I left the house and they are on offer. It’s Monday morning 08:05 and the week is already off to bad start.

If it isn’t poor options it is trick options. You know what I am talking about pseudo-health food. “Natures, pure, clean, organic, safe and healthy -high glycemic immediately satisfying 30-70% quick release carbohydrates. Just because there is a picture of a plant on the packet doesn’t mean it isn’t full of crap.
eat natural

Wake up and read the packet.

I say NO. I shout NO. And so should you. Until there is change.

I bloody hate these commercially driven uninspired and junk food punting wankers. The companies, the distributors and the end retailers are all a part of the problem which has led to huge incidence of diabetes and obesity. Many of us walking around trying to do the right thing and failing dismally..