Coming clean part 2 - blog 6

Coming clean part 2 – blog 6

Coming clean part 2 – blog 6

Ok as a reminder my two coming clean posts are about the following:  Firstly in number 1 about how I exercise a lot. Secondly in number 2 about when I eat badly. Not to say that either needs to undermine the benefits of a low carb way of life. In fact as I have explained in blog 5 about exercise, exercise is in fact less important than people think and certainly less important than diet. So now I bring you part 2 of “coming clean” which is about cheating, whether we should we do it and if it matters?

Cheating, Putting life into living, or having a day off …whatever you call it we all do it and that doesn’t mean the world is going to stop turning.

Do I cheat – hell yes…I have bad weeks and good weeks when it comes to eating well and what I set out to eat but… I haven’t ever let my low carb lifestyle become a prison or limit me from enjoying life.


In general I strictly follow the main principles of the high fat, low sugar and low carb eating. I genuinely find this easy. Predominantly it is easy because the first interaction with food in the morning I am feeding myself a decent proportion of fat. When I get up I have either cream or butter blended coffee with whole milk. I then eat my hard boiled eggs on the commute or bacon if I am not rushing out the door.




The places I generally veer away from what I would recommend is to enjoy alcohol, and dark chocolate in the evenings. Sometimes if I am feeling particularly mischievous I might have a little ice cream or If it’s a birthday party …sure a small slice of cake to be polite.Often this cheating doesn’t make me feel great, and sometimes I regret it but hey I am not going to limit myself unrealistically from cheating now and again. If I do it becomes a “temporary diet” and unrealistically restrained and not a “different lifestyle” which I can maintain for the long term.


As it is, since I came of the carbs I almost never wineclub1have any desire or interest in eating bread, pasta, rice or cereal. I find it incredibly easy to simply avoid these foods. Mostly because there is so much yummy fresh real food in my diet, be it heavy cream, full fat milk, cheese, meats or tasty nutritious feeling veggies with lashings of butter, salt and pepper.I am a member of a wine club. The founding member as it happens. So I enjoy my wine and once every 3 weeks we have a meeting and I get heavily involved. I am not going to miss out on this great time with friends and this opportunity to learn about different grapes, appellations and regions. That said I don’t eat any crisps or biscuits or bread if it is on offer with the cheese. I have celery or the odd grape and as much cheese as I like… as frankly it helps with the hangover.


On another note, and coming back to the subject of exerciseas from my last blog  “coming clean part 1” I took part in my second ultra marathon on the 14th of May. This time I actually finished it and received the finisher medal et al. It was fun to post on facebook the map shot of the course which looked pretty cool. I can confirm I ate a shed load of carbs during the second half of the race. I was not going to risk super low carb approach for a race where I was burning 8500 calories. I ate bread, wraps, sausage rolls and a fair amount of Coke from mile 20 onwards.

So my advice on this subject is as follows: If you can move away from using food as a crutch and eating emotionally around cravings and responses to stress. If you follow the satisfying higher fat diet and the overall approach works well for you, you can choose as a positive action to cheat a little in your own way. Provided that cheating isn’t the mainstay and providing that you can be honest with yourself that it really is a now and again something special. Rather than a regular and common part of the day to day. If you are following a low carb lifestyle you can enjoy the fact that you are slimmer than you have ever been and can still have a splurge now and again!