Coming clean part 1 - Blog 5

Coming clean part 1 – Blog 5

Since starting the blog people pick me up on two areas. Firstly that I do an inordinate amount of exercise and this must have an impact on my weight management. Secondly that I am eating this that and the other not following my own rules. So here is the low down I shall come clean with you all!

Part 1: Coming clean and being honest about exercise

I have a mixed and varied relationship with sport and training. I was not very sporty at school and certainly not in any school teams. Always picked last when the sides were selected for football etc.

Being a bit overweight and not a sporty kid may even be something I have been fighting back against since. People that have only met me recently may see that I have done an ultramarathon and therefore assume I am not a regular guy. Perhaps believing that this diet stuff is secondary…Read on because I am a regular guy, this training took time to manifest as a part of my lifestyle, and I actually came from a standing start or perhaps a sitting start more to the point. What is more training is not the key as I explain below.

Please with the last 10 or so mile splits in my first ultra race. Sadly I didn't officially finished having got very lost but I did manage over 50 miles so for me it was a success.

Pleased with the last 7 or so mile splits in my first ultra running race. Sadly I didn’t officially finished having got very lost but I did manage over 50 miles so for me it was a success.

I did a little jogging at the age of 18/19 and then later proper running a few years later between 1997 and 1999 as I did London marathon. I think that put me off for a few years as I got injured and then didn’t restart running till about 2001. Then after a year of getting fit again stopped exercising for a several  years once again and got to my most overweight whilst doing a trip round the world and focus mostly on drinking beer. I didn’t really do any proper focus on getting fit again until around 2008 at the age of 32. At this point I took it a little more seriously and took up triathlon.


Over the next 8 years up until now I have taken part in quite a few races and taken my training pretty seriously averaging around 8-10 hours a week. The races I have done are 22 Triathlons, 10 long distance cycling events, 7 Duathlons, 8 running races and 2 ultramarathons. I haven’t done any Ironman events or even a half but yes I am a pretty aerobically fit guy.

Leaving nothing on the table

Leaving nothing on the table but still carrying some weight -2011

What I would say is that even in spite of all of these events and all the commitment to training I never really lost the body fat. In fact my slogan with my mates was always pretty fast for a fat lad…Until 2013 when I started the low carb lifestyle and lost about 10 kilos and 8% body fat. Yes that’s right for 37 of these 50 races even though I was training really hard I dragged around an extra 10 kilos of weight and an extra 8% of useless lard. What is more now at around 75kg -apparently a rather higher proportion of this is muscle (according to a snazzy new machine in my gym I have 83% muscle). Overall the weight I am carrying has a purpose… greater strength and stamina. The snazzy machine at the gym also says my metabolic age is 23 which I rather like as I approach 40 in November!


I have rather decided this machine is very accurate and believable on account of the good news it gives me! If you hate the scales and what to start loving them then guess what…cut the carbs – it works for the long term…period.

So what else to take from this?

Training is one thing, eating well is another entirely. If you like the gym and it makes you feel good, or you enjoy taking part in sports then GET INVOLVED it’s never going to be a bad thing.. Hell you may even live longer. If you are someone who hates gyms…running…exercise and all that jazz then GOOD NEWS for you too. If you eat well your body composition and health will improve and you may even live longer and I believe will feel fuller of energy and vigour. So as I close this diatribe about me me me I’ll say this eating is more important than exercise, if you are anything like me from a willpower POV exercising more likely just makes you hungry to eat more! Don’t count the calories eat a satisfying high fat diet and you will simply need less food, feel fuller, lose weight and feel great.

The real secret to my success (swingball) ;)

The real secret to my success (swingball) 😉 Ok fair cop -this is me being a little proud of the body change… in summer 2015…the year off booze helped enourmously and I have put a little back on now…the cheating!!

Coming clean part 2 and being honest about cheating will follow as the next blog. In short, I cheat all the time but only a little and am not hooked on bad foods. I am in control and I eat what I want to without fighting cravings. More next time. Mather out!