A rhyme and a message to all you zombies - Blog 4

A rhyme and a message to all you zombies – Blog 4

A little Rhyme about how you may feel about food and what’s what for you all:

Open your mind you have it wrong

I’ll write a poem so you can read along

If you do you will quickly see

That yes you too can become carb free.                                                          

I say this with a little rhyme

To pay back the value of your time

The beliefs you have hard held and true

Are actually complete poo.

Here’s the thing I have to say

Those dependencies can go away

When you say it won’t work for me

The reality is it will set you free

“I just like my bread too much” you say

“It’s not for me”

“I can’t eat that way”

So along comes this dickhead full of preach

But if you change this firm belief

You will quickly come around to see

The world differently

-Like me!

Q: Is it fair to lay on a load of abuse for how your existing relationship with food persists?

A: …Probably not after all those years of being fed the wrong messages and bombarded with the wrong food

but I am going to anyway…..I have to get through to you!

What you have wrong….… is pretty much everything!


  • You are addicted to carbohydrates
  • You do not need them
  • They are not an essential macro nutrient
  • They are buggering up your insulin regulation
  • Your blood sugar goes up and down like a tarts knickers
  • This is why you struggle daily with cravings and guilt
  • This is why you smile like a zombie when you bite into tasteless bread and pasta





  1. You will have more energy
  2. You will no longer be a slave to hunger and cravings
  3. You will feel empowered and enlightened
  4. You will feel satisfied
  5. You will improve your body composition
  6. You will lose weight
  7. You will find it easy to stick to
  8. The food you will eat on a low carb diet is natural and nutritious 
  9. The food is real food from the land not a factory
  10. The food is not processed in a way to maximize corporate profit margins


ps, have you read blogs 1-3?