Becoming a qualified consultant in nutrition

I am currently in the process off completing my Nutrition Certification and pleased to announce I am now offering personal weight loss coaching.

First to apply receives free support. My interest in the subject of weight loss and different approaches to nutrition is now a working business .

If there is one thing you hopefully realise about me, it is that I have a passionate belief in the low carb lifestyle. I know for certain I can help you lose weight permanently and improve your daily energy. I can now back this belief and passion for the approach with scientific evidence and an understanding of the biochemistry and research.  I have a sincere belief in how the low carb lifestyle will surprise and delight every advocate with how easy, effective, and positive a change it is. I guarantee that everyone you know will want to know how you did it.

afn certified

The association for nutrition certified course in applied nutrition and supplementation equips me to advise clients on diet and gives me access to software and tools to use with clients.

I wanted to share my exciting news and invite you to join me on the journey to health, vitality and the best body you have ever had.

Don’t hang about until tomorrow send me a text now to register your interest.

Miles 07973 490 471