Different Lifestyle - my success story- Blog 1

Different Lifestyle – my success story- Blog 1

I was 39 last week and until recently have spend most of my life struggling with weight.

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It is hard to convey to other people how great it is to finally find a way to eat which makes you feel great and keeps you in great shape. I was tubby at school and through my twenties. I always carried that spare tyre and felt frustrated by it. However hard I tried by exercising hard and taking part in triathlons and cycling events I was never quite in the shape I wanted to be.

For almost three years now I have been a low carber. I simply cannot communicate with enough enthusiasm to do it justice how easy and effective this change has been for me.

So the time has come to write my blog. I plan to share some thoughts, provide resources and to tell the story of my journey. I hope that anyone out there with the desire to think differently about food might listen, and perhaps try the same approach. Please follow my Different Lifestyle blog and tell your friends.

I want to share my experiences and success in the hope that other people will share in the benefits. It is not mainstream yet but in a few short years I believe it will be the preferred and recommended approach as health care, charities, and governments finally catch on. These other bodies should  follow the good example of daring pioneer Sweden who is ahead of the rest.

Lets start by challenging some commonly accepted beliefs about food.



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