Practical advice and what to eat  - Blog 3

Practical advice and what to eat – Blog 3

Whatever diet you are on I can pretty much guarantee anything you lose will be temporary. This newer approach is the only way to eat I have discovered which makes you satisfied. If you are satisfied it is sustainable. If you are not satisfied the weight loss will be temporary.

From the reading I have done ….I also believe this approach to food it to be the healthiest.

What is this approach called anyway? “Low carb  / low sugar and higher fat sums it up”

Just to be clear….
Yes no grains – not even ‘good grains’ as in none
Yes even whole grains, brown rice, oats, and quinoa – none, no sugar, no rice no pasta, no flour, bread wheat barley corn potatoes starchy stuff, definitely no evil cereals, or ‘healthy’ raisins (which are often sprayed with sugar “glazing agent”)


  • Eat real food from the land made from scratch
  • Eat zero: bread,pasta, rice, potatoes, processed food and food with added sugar. avoid all soft drinks (even diet drinks as these create  issues with an insulin reaction )
  • Don’t add sugar/syrups/dressings/condiments to food.
  • Read all labels to avoid added sugar it is seriously in everything and the food companies are generally very sneaky- (e.g. even roast sliced chicken in supermarket looks innocent but has added sugar and flours)
  • Avoid dried fruit which is high glycaemic and also often sprayed with sugar syrup.
  • Avoid all low fat options.


Stop thinking about avoiding fat. You have to eat more fat including saturated fat when you cut carbs. If you still believe this is bad for your health do your own research.

Eating more fat  is how you will get energy, as it is more filling you will eat less calories overall and lose weight.

It is actually unfortunate that the word “Fat” as a macro food group in the English language  is the same word used to describe being overweight. The relationship between being fat and eating fat is not a direct one as you have been led to believe.

OK… – So what do I eat?

Breakfast options 
Coffee? – use full fat milk at all times for replacement energy and add cream and optional unsalted butter (needs blending in) too – for an instant first thing calorie boost. Others in your family not convinced buy more than one type of milk. It’s not a big deal.
1. Bacon and eggs – fried (or ham and eggs is faster)
2. Hard boiled eggs to eat on commute/out and about
3. Full fat unsweetened plain Greek yogurt ?(with added nuts or flax seeds or your own muesli style carb free mix from ground seeds/nuts)
4. Prepared fresh coconut (available in packets at Sainsbury’s and other supermarkets)
5. Avocados / Smoked salmon / Kippers
6. Small apple or tiny handful berries


Make a yummy crunchy fresh plate with treats like nice ham or parma ham and tasty mature cheddar or blue cheese….
Crudités: Celery,Cucumber, Raw carrots (not too many as root veg are carby).
Meat /Pates
Boiled eggs
Nuts and seeds
Olive oil (or coconut oil not vegetable or sunflower)
Avoid dressings
Guacamole (hard to find good ingredients though when pre-made)
Philadelphia full fat

Look out for recipes, flax seed bread, carb free pizza base (seach for fat head pizza base)
If in doubt and in a restaurant be demanding and alter the order slightly to meat and veg or meat and salad hold the fries

Peas, spinach, leafy greens like kale/ spring greens/spinach/ chard/sprouting broccoli
Salads (not too many tomatoes as they are a fruit)

Tonight I had sausages (95% meat watch out as many have fillers and  cheap carbs in them) The side dish I made was spinach with sour cream and cheddar melted in, and a little nutmeg. I swear it was tastier than the sausages!

Fatty Milky creamy coffee (keep cream in fridge at work)
Seeds and nuts (no dried fruit- beware processed nuts with hidden Ingredients raw nuts best
Cashew/ salted peanuts/macadamia/sunflower seeds/ hazelnuts/ walnuts/
Have a jar of peanut butter get whole earth no added sugar and eat a spoonful and wash down with full fat milk
Prepared fresh coconut
Pre-cooked bacon (cook a job lot – just stick it in the oven in a dish to keep the fat rather than grill)
Hard boiled eggs (I like to eat these stinky beggars in the car or on the train, that way I save ten minutes sleep time having to sit down at home before rushing out the door)
Small apple (less sugar than most fruit)

On general shopping list 
Eggs (lots)
Ham (not too processed or added sugar or flours)
Fresh veg
Healthy snacks (see below)

A word about Fruit – your SECRET ENEMY!!

Eating a little fruit occasionally is ok but it is vert high in fructose – this is sugar.

Avoid fruit juice completely or have a tiny portion as it isn’t natural to eat 7 oranges worth of juice with none of the fibre roughage in the full fruit. Don’t kid yourself with your yummy fruity smoothies being super healthy, or ploughing down on bananas, it is quite simply a ton too much sugar and there are plenty of vitamins to be had from veggies and occasional fruit. Also I heard modern strains of fruit like granny smiths etc. are way higher in sugar than their forebears again produced and offered up to meet our increasingly sweet tooth demands!

I drank booze throughout 2014 and still lost weight as I do most other stuff right but you aren’t supposed to drink
Low carb leaders recommend vodka or whiskey soda. If you do drink aim for spirits in moderation.. over wine and beer in bulk

I gave up booze for 2015 and while I cheated a fair bit with shandy drinking I have cut right back now.

Occasional treats are a good think say once a week. There are loads of low carb recipes out there for stuff like brownies and cheesecake – some being better than others

Ill advised but over 85% cocoa if you have to have a little now and again
You wont enjoy milk chocolate so much as your palette gets used to less sugar

Early days and carb flu – it is hard to start but the more you cheat the longer it will take and the more painful it is….

About 5 days in it is suddenly easy and you will have more consistent energy with less highs and lows.

Net net you only need carbs while you have carbs – think neolithic man, polar explorers and Nadal the tennis pro as well as many ultra runners. All successful high performers on low/ very low carb diets.

Unlike all other diets it is sustainable and satisfying